Lime Trust has the following layers of governance:

- the Lime Trust Members

- the Lime Trust Board

- Committees of the Board - the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee; the Education and Curriculum Standards Committee; and the Academy Councils responsible for school level governance

The Lime Academy Councils play a crucial role in the life of our academies: understanding, advising, challenging, supporting and encouraging our academies to be outstanding, within the umbrella of Lime Trust. Their remit covers outcomes for pupils, safeguarding, health and safety, and financial probity.

For further information on the Trust governance structure, please see the Lime Trust Governance Structure Chart below and the Lime Trust Scheme of Delegation.

The above governance layers meet to an annual timetable, receiving reports and scrutinising the activities of the Trust and its academies as appropriate. The Lime Trust Annual Governance Planner, which can also be found below, links Board and school-level governance with key events such as data analysis and reporting, annual target setting, appraisal and budget-setting.

Finally, you will find below the Lime Trust Members' and Trustees' pecuniary interests and other required information, such as meeting attendance for the last 12 months, as required by the Academies Financial Handbook.


Lime Trust Governance Structure Chart September 2021

Download here

Lime Trust Scheme of Delegation

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Lime Trust Annual Governance Planner 2021/22

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Lime Members' and Trust Board Interests and Other Required Information 2020/21

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